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The 300mm Dome set includes:

1 Outer aluminum dome laser cut to official club specs.

1 Uncut inner aluminum dome (NOT pictured above)

1 Rolled 1" tall Aluminum bottom ring

and 1 High Density Plastic inner bearing adapter ring, that is designed around the "Rockler bearing" (Also NOT pictured above).

Here is a link to the same brand lazy susan bearing for less and with less expensive shipping and handling
Here is what they call it: (C. 17-3/8" Lazy Susan Bearing Part #12K68.1)

Frequently asked questions...

Q. Do the club parts fit this dome?

A. Yes, The club HP's (holoprojectors), front and rear logics and the Radar Eye will fit this set perfectly.

Q. Does this dome set work with the A&A or the JAG frame?

A. Yes, This dome fits the JAG or the A&A frame sets.

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Here is a link to a tutorial prepared by Cole Horton "HoosierTrooper" as well as a link to some videos about the domes.

Tutorial: litedometutorial.pdf


If you have a question about finishing or assembling the domes please ask those questions on http://www.Astromech.net

This is a great way to to get a quick response from experienced builders and let everyone see the answers.




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